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Photo of Kean Gardner
While only 7% of applicants come from referrals, they account for nearly half of all hires. A mentor is a key resource in providing a quality referral for students. VineUp is LinkedIn for students!
-, Kean Gardner, Enterprise Business Lead
"80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking" ABC News

At VineUp we create powerful online skill share and mentoring communities to support the development needs of your members, while making sure you have the best management tools and the most current information possible on your members.

Photo of Matt Lascari, HR Manager, Estée Lauder Companies
Mentoring college students, allows companies to increase their future candidate pool as well as the probability of future successful hires while giving back to their local communities.
- Matt Lascari, HR Manager, Estée Lauder Companies

Easy Setup

It’s quick and easy to implement and there’s nothing to install. Simply choose your community settings and invite your members.

Stay Connected

Never lose touch with your alumni again! When your alumni update their information on their social networks, your contact information for them will update automatically through our integration with LinkedIn and Facebook.

All-Stars Dashboard

Ever wanted to know who your most likely donors are? We give you the data you need in a smart actionable view available for export.

Mobile Ready

Responsive mobile ready interface, no apps needed. VineUp works smoothly and easily on both your desktop and mobile browsers.

Job Central

We equip your community with 8 million employment and internships opportunities plus your members can add opportunities exclusively to your community.

Your Data

Unlike many social networks and communities, you own all of your content and data. We believe your data policies shouldn't be dictated by others.

Photo of Brittany Caulfield, Finance Manager at L’OREAL USA
One of the greatest assets for any recent graduate is the guidance and advice of a mentor. In today’s competitive employment environment, it is more vital than ever to have a strong network of mentors by the time you graduate. VineUp is a real game changer!
- Brittany Caulfield, Finance Manager, L’OREAL USA
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