Alumni Relations

VineUp creates real, engaged alumni networks.

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Alumni Relations

VineUp creates real, engaged alumni networks.

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The Problem

Research shows that an engaged alumni is 10x more likely to give back than one who’s out of touch, so the benefits of maximising engagement rates are substantial. Graduates engage with alumni networks for two main reasons: the affinity their university created during their time as a student, or due to the institution’s capacity to transition them successfully into the professional world. Unless one of these conditions for engagement is satisfied, even intense marketing can struggle to convince them of the benefits.

Our Solution

We believe the best way to stay connected with your graduates is to start as early as possible, nurturing the relationship, instilling a sense of loyalty and explaining the long term career advantages that engagement can bring. The optimal way to achieve this is by providing an environment where your Alumni Relations department can offer a scalable professional development resource that continues to provide support to alumni post graduation.

VineUp works with you to create your ideal private online community, connecting your alumni for development and networking opportunities post graduation, and letting you invite students to connect with your alumni for mentoring and skill share opportunities. Through our integration with leading social networks (including Facebook and LinkedIn) and cutting edge technologies, we can provide you with the most up-to-date information on your graduates.


of alumni wish they had more professional guidance when choosing their career


of executives say mentoring played a key role in their career development


of US jobs are landed through networking


An “engaged” alumni is 10x more likely to give back

What We Provide

Real Community Engagement

Our technology creates active communities that support your users’ development goals by connecting them with one another.

Data Sync / Export

Your administrators can easily export any data from the platform through our API to a third party database or a CSV file.

Powerful Stats

More than just beautiful graphs and comprehensive metrics, as a subscriber you get all the actionable data you need to create and sustain the most powerful community experience possible for your users.


VineUp is available as a stand alone responsive web platform or in conjunction with our native apps available on both iOS and Android

Stay Connected

Through our integration with leading social networks (including Facebook and LinkedIn) and various other technologies, we are able to provide you with the most recent and up-to-date information on your graduates.

Integration & Partnerships

Plus many more...

Milica Markovic

Human Resources Officer United Nations Secretariat
"We are very pleased with VineUp's mentoring platform - it's user-friendly; has inviting design; it's easily customizable; overall a great tool for our global population of staff! VineUp's team is stellar. The implementation of the platform has been very smooth. We look forward to our continued collaboration."

Pete Speak

Glasgow University
"Adopting the VineUp platform has been a great decision. VineUp has acted as a powerful bridge between Alumni Relations and Career Services, enabling us to connect our soon-to-be Graduates with successful Alumni for development opportunities. It has allowed us to scale and increase the number of high value alumni-alumni connections we are able to make."

Jamie K. DeYoung

LeTourneau University
"At LeTourneau, our alumni have a wealth of experience and wisdom, and VineUp gives them the opportunity to connect with students to share both. With alumni all over the world, we are excited to see how VineUp has expanded our reach."

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